Welcome to Stand with Science

Welcome, and thank you for joining us as we Stand With Science!

We are a group of student scientitsts who originally came together at MIT in 2011 to raise our voice against sequestration. Our major effort in our early days was to send a letter to Congress in 2012 with more than 12,000 signatures gathered from graduate students and research funding supporters concerned about the future of federal funding for science.

We are not done as threats of additional sequester cuts to science still loom, but we have expanded since 2012 to include representatives from across the country. Do you want to learn how you can get involved to save federal science funding? Don’t wait — email us at sws_leadership_group@mit.edu or tweet us at @StandWithSci
In the meantime, here’s what we’re up to:

Last March, Stand With Science was awarded a grand prize of $10,000 for our work to complete the “Stand With Science: What’s Next?” video as part of the Stand Up for Science! video competition sponsored by the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB).

Watch the video here:

With these funds, Stand With Science is serving as a catalyst to bring students interested in science policy and research funding together. With 23 separate campuses engaged in talks, Stand With Science will soon announce a consortium of science policy student organizations from across the country under the moniker, National Science Policy and Academic Research Consortium (NSPAARC). Stay tuned!